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LUX Moisturizing Body Wash Soft Rose 700 ML

Power Up your Shower with Lux scented Body Wash
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MOISTURISING INGREDIENT - your secret to soft, velvety smooth fragrant skin with Lux Body Wash. Lux Body Wash Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerin to Moisturize Your Skin Like No Other.

Lux Body Wash, the perfect blend of Floral Fusion Oil and Soft Rose will delight your senses. Get enchantingly soft skin with a delicate indulgent soft rose infused fragrance with Lux shower gel. Elegant blend of fragrant flower essential oils and French Roses, perfectly blended with Floral Fusion Oil Lux Soft rose Body Wash will transform your shower experience. This blend of floral fragrance will stimulate your senses and empower your beauty.

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