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WAS 15.00 USD NOW 10.50 USD 319
1. Make It Mini Food Collectibles: MGA's Mini verse introduces Make It Mini Food, a unique collectible where you can create and display miniature food items. Each package contains surprise ingredients and kitchen accessories to craft your mini food creations.
2. Interactive Unboxing Experience: Each blind capsule holds surprise ingredients, adding excitement as you won't know which mini food you get until you unbox it. Follow the included collector's guide and recipe card to identify and craft your mini food.
3. Crafting and Setting: Set your finished dish under direct sunlight for about 5 minutes until the resin hardens, transforming it into a display-ready mini food. Ingredients and mini packaging are also collectible, enhancing the overall collecting experience.
4. Extensive Collection: With over 100+ unique ingredients, packages, and kitchen accessories to collect, including mini straws, donut boxes, and cartons of milk, there's plenty to explore and create. Collect all 36 Series 1 Make It Mini Foods and visit Officialminiverse.com for more details.